Interested in joining SENSE? Read the description below for more information.

1. Draft an updated, 3-paragraph cover letter and resume.

SENSE needs to make sure that all prospective members are willing to put in a competitive level of effort in order to build a great team. Do not feel discouraged if you think that your major does not directly relate to SENSE! Things to include in the cover letter include:

  • Prior experiences and interests
  • Why do you want to join SENSE
  • What you expect to contribute and gain from SENSE

2. Email us!

Send our program manager, Elizabeth Donoghue, an email ( consisting of the two documents discussed above, as well as which semester you hope to enroll in SENSE.

  • Subject Line: SENSE Enterprise Application_[Your Last Name], [Your First Name]
    • Ex: SENSE Enteprise Application_Husky, Blizzard
  • File Names: [Your Last Name], [Your First Name]_[Document]
    • Ex: Husky, Blizzard_Resume and Husky, Blizzard_CoverLetter

3. Await an email response.

SENSE will email you back regarding your acceptance. If you are accepted, you will receive a few things to do in an email in order to officially join SENSE!